CSD – Defense Components & Systems, operates in the Defense Sector and belongs to the Hübner Group. The company has know-how in the development and production of aviation bombs, rockets, fuzes, ammunition, and components for the defense sector.

CSD is part of the Defense Industrial Base of Brazil (BID), being a Strategic Defense Company (EED), approved by the Ministry of Defense of Brazil. In addition, several CSD products are accredited as Strategic Defense Products (PED) by the Brazilian authorities.


The Hübner Group is a private owned company and began its activities in 1980. The Group is currently one of the major suppliers to the automotive, agricultural, construction, railway, and capital goods industries, providing original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and their suppliers. The company has expertise in development, production, and assembly of metallic components, through modern processes.

With four factories located in Brazil, the Group operates in the foundry, machining, and assembly areas.

The continuous projects development increased the standards excellences, and the integration between its enterprises, strengthen its position on the acting sectors.


CSD, within its operating strategy in the global defense market, has been looking for and developing partnerships and strategic alliances in different markets.

CSD also established essential partnerships in the Design, Development, Testing of Weapon Systems & Sub-Systems, with a management team of combined experience in the Defense sector.