The Hübner Group has begun its activities in 1980 and nowadays is an important supplier of the automotive industry, supplying original equipment manufacturers as well as their suppliers, besides capital goods industries. The company has expertise in the development, production, and assembly of metallic components, through modern processes.

The group is a private company and has four plants loca-ted in Brazil, acting on the foundry, machining, and assembly areas.

The continuous development of projects, elevated excellence standards, and the integration between its enterprises strengthen its position on the acting segment.

To focus, grow, and better organize its activities in the defense area, Hübner Group has made a spin-off of this division, creating a new subsidiary named Componentes & Sistemas de Defesa – CSD (Defense Components & Sistems). The company has know-how in the production of components for MK bombs, 70mm rockets, munitions for mortars, 155mm munitions for howitzers, components for military vehicles, and others.

CSD is part of Brazil’s Industrial Defense Base (BID), being a Strategic Defense Company (EED), approved by the Ministry of Defense of Brazil. In addition, several of CSD’s products are accredited as Strategic Defense Products (PED) by Brazilian authorities.


With the strategy of expanding its activities, CSD is honored to create a partnership with IMBEL, a company belonging to the Brazilian Army, with over 100 years of experience and tradition in producing explosive chemicals, artillery ammunition, weapons, and others.

This partnership focuses on the development and production of bombs from the MK 80 series. The strate-gy is to combine the CSD experience in components production, obtained in 40 years of activities of the Hübner Group, and the expertise of IMBEL, collected in its more than 100 years of production of explosive chemical products, weapons, components, and loading artillery ammunition.

CSD also established another essential partnership with OTNA Defense LLC. OTNA is a Defense Contractor Specializing in the Design, Development, Testing of Weapon Systems & Sub-Systems, which has a manage-ment team with over 45 years of combined experience in the Defense sector.